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October 2, 2009


Summers: We're in a different place from nine months ago

As I mentioned earlier, a main dynamic in the Lawrence Summers interview this morning was the tension between today's-news-cycle questions and Summers's answers that attempted to place things in a longer time frame or bigger historical perspective. To some extent,......



Google's CEO Schmidt: The Internet is a Historic Force for Good

For the last few years, Google has not only taken over the Internet and become synonymous the search for information, but also the company has become a not-insignificant obsession for The Atlantic, and the subject of binary feature pieces --......



University Presidents Panel: Higher Ed after the Crash

There was a certain irony in that fact that Larry Summers was followed an hour later on the First Draft of History Stage by four university presidents--three of them women, and one of those women, Shirley Tilghman of Princeton, a......



Booker: Too Controversial for Washington?

Cory Booker's public, comic feud with Conan O'Brien continued today.  Booker is starting a program to offer better health care to Newark's residents, and O'Brien joked last week that "the health care program would consist of a bus ticket out......



Summers: I Don't Want My Grandchildren to Study This Time Period

Lawrence Summers, director of the National Economic Council, just finished his interview with Maria Bartiromo of CNBC. A full write-up will have to wait until later today; I am preparing now for my own interview with Eric Schmidt of Google......



Schweitzer: In Praise of Montana. And Energy Storage. And Also Montana!

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer is many things -- a self-proclaimed gun fanatic, a proud Democrat, an unapologetic mocker of North Dakota's vertically challenged landscape -- but the one thing he isn't is inconspicuous. Donning a bolo tie and jeans at......



Carol Browner: Now is the Time to Move on Climate

Important guests at confabs like The Atlantic's "First Draft of History" sometimes strain to avoid saying anything of substance. Not Carol Browner. The White House "climate czar" firmly and repeatedly pressed the case that the United States must act now......



Bewkes: What Media Crisis? "Everything's Fine!"

If you believe media is ailing from advertising woes and layoffs, its 2009 status according to the "First Draft of History" might be grim. But not according to Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes. He thinks, "Everything's fine!" -- with......



Greenspan: It's Not Easy Being Greenspan . . . or Any Other Central Banker

My favorite Alan Greenspan story comes from a friend in the investment banking industry, who heard him give a talk in New York shortly after he retired from the Chairmanship of the Fed. One of The Maestro's many critics, rather......



Steve Schmidt: Palin Would Be "Catastrophic" Choice for 2012

Steve Schmidt, John McCain's former chief campaign strategist, said today that if former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin were to be the Republican nominee, it would be "catastrophic" for the Republican Party. "I think that she has talents, but my honest......



Highlight From Day One

Lindsey Graham on Glenn Beck's cynicism, Tim Geithner on reacting quickly, David Petraeus on "the mission" and much more in our video wrap-up.......


October 1, 2009


Axelrod: He's Serene, But the Discourse Is "Worrisome"

President Obama's senior adviser, David Axelrod has two general demeanors, and he tends to demean to the extremes: friends say he can be anxious, very very anxious; or he can be serene; very very serene.  There have been moments, over......



Peterson/Cosgrove: The Grecian Formula for Fiscal and Physical Health

Michael Kinsley opened the discussion by noting that both his guests were Greek- Americans: Pete Peterson, former Commerce Secretary, founder of the Blackstone Group, and unofficial national financial scold, and Toby Cosgrove, rockstar cardiologist and head of the Cleveland Clinic,......



Geithner: The Treasury Secretary Plays Defense

Amidst news of plummeting sales at the car companies, higher-than-expected initial jobless claims, and a 2-3% plunge in the major stock market indices, US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner sat down at the Newseum to be interviewed by Chris Wallace of......



Cantor: Don't Trust Iran

Rep. Eric Cantor (VA), the Republican House whip, is as skilled and polished as politicians come--at the age of 46, he's risen to become one of the most prominent Republicans in government--and, armed with both a PAC and a grassroots-style......



Klobuchar: Heath Care Must Pass, and Will

"We don't have to be totally serious, senator," CBS's Bob Schieffer began in Thursday afternoon's final interview with Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar. "But let's see if we can make some news first." It can be said with a high degree......



Petraeus: Afghanistan is not Iraq is not Vietnam

As mentioned a little while ago, the main thing to say about the Brian Williams-Gen. David Petraeus session was that Petraeus's answers taken together had a value greater than any one of them on its own. Bear with me as......



Armstrong: Content is Still King. Hopefully.

Few modern companies have been asked to bear the metaphorical burden AOL has: from archetypal Internet success, to abysmal cautionary tale, to unlikely comeback story. At least, Tim Armstrong hopes there will be a comeback story.Armstrong was brought in to......



Petraeus: This one is worth watching on the webcast

Just back from the 50-minute session in which Brian Williams of NBC interviewed Gen. David Petraeus of Central Command. My task is to write up a summary, which I'll start doing as soon as I am done with this.The Executive......



Klein and Bennet: "Teachers Are the Solution"

Just two days after being named to fill the late Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat on the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee, Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) spoke passionately to NPR's Michele Norris about the need to "change the politics"......



Graham: The Loyal Opposition

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spent 2008 traipsing across the country and the globe with his friend, John McCain, stumping for his Senate colleague and, along with Joe Lieberman (the third member of the close-knit triumvirate), supplying the country with reasons......



Napolitano: "I'm In Total Control."

Taking the baton from fellow Arizonan John McCain, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano took the stage with Jim Lehrer, the cordial PBS host of NewsHour. Their interview was mostly breezy, as the two discussed daily schedules, departmental logistics, biweekly meetings with......



McCain: Both Parties Fighting Unfocused Public Anger

Almost ten years ago to the day, Sen. John McCain announced to a large crowd in Nashua, New Hampshire, the start of his first presidential campaign. Why, NBC's David Gregory asked, does it seem more difficult to govern today? McCain......